Why elderberry is healthy

Having already enjoyed its blossoms in spring, the elderberry is now forming its berries. You’ll notice that the degree of ripeness varies depending on the region and the weather: from black and blue splendor to partially still green berries, all stages are currently represented. Here are six reasons to ignite your mouthwatering drive to pick elderberries.

  1. Elderberries strengthen your immune system
    Want to prepare for the coming fall and winter days and get your defenses up to snuff? The small berries unfold great effect, as they are rich in vitamin C and B, as well as contain essential oils and important minerals. So-called anthocyanins (secondary plant compounds) are not only responsible for their rich black-blue color, but also protect the body’s cells from free radicals. Heart and blood pressure also benefit from the advantages of the elderberry. Pure health boost with a glass of elderberry supplement per day!
  2. Elderberries help with kidney and bladder problems.
    The pigment sambucyanin and minerals such as potassium have an anti-inflammatory and diuretic effect. Thus, they offer a great alternative to cranberries to combat bladder infections or kidney ailments and thoroughly flush the excretory organs. In addition to juice (see above), the preparation of a warming tea is suitable: To do this, simply pour three teaspoons of dried elderberries with 150ml of cold water, let the whole steep for 15 minutes, boil it and strain it through a sieve after ten minutes. Two to three cups per day are recommended.
  3. Elderberries have an expectorant effect
    From folk medicine we know that elderberries have a soothing effect on colds and are also said to loosen up stuck mucus in the sinuses or bronchial tubes. This effect has not yet been scientifically proven, because the positive effect could not yet be directly linked to the ingredients of the elderberry.
  4. Elderberries help with constipation and stimulate digestion
    Elderberry juice has long been popular in natural medicine as a remedy for constipation. Among other things, it is flavonoids such as rutin that fight constipation. In the form of a spritzer, i.e. by adding carbonated mineral water, this effect is intensified.
  5. From elderberries you can make delicious jelly or butter.
    Elderberries should always be boiled and not eaten raw in large quantities, as this can lead to nausea and vomiting. They taste all the better in the time-honored elderberry jelly or as a special butter creation.

Recipe: Butter with elderberries

  • 150 g elderberries
  • 250 g butter
  • 3 tablespoons sugar

Wash the elderberries, remove the stems and drain. Melt sugar slowly in a saucepan and add berries. Simmer for a maximum of three to four minutes so that the berries do not burst. Pour berries through a sieve and return to pot. Add the butter and heat slowly, stirring, until the butter is just melted. Pour into screw-top jars, seal, and let cool.

Gathering gets you moving and out in nature! For example, use our digital mundraub map, which already lists thousands of elderberry bushes, or explore your surroundings. For sure you will discover one or the other place where you can find elderberries. This reason is of course not specific to elderberry and can easily be applied to the whole edible city. 🙂